What happened in 2021

AKP brought new social media regulations to the agenda. The regulation presented a bill under the name of “fighting disinformation”. The subject of the “German way” has generated quite a bit of controversy. No progress has been made on the bill yet.

In addition, the owners of the YouTube channels Self Correspondent, Additional TV and Sade Citizen, which made street interviews, were given house arrest and a travel ban was imposed. The imposition of this sentence due to their opposition was met with reaction on social media.

In October, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram crashed, and these apps could not be accessed for about 8 hours.

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Due to this worldwide access barrier, everyone turned to Twitter. That evening, Twitter reached the highest number of simultaneous online users and broke the usage record. Many different answers were given to the question of what was behind the longest interruption in history in Facebook services.

Facebook changed the name of the company to Meta due to its emphasis on metaverse studies. Mark Zuckerberg, who stated that they wanted to change for a while because the Facebook name was no longer sufficient for them, announced that he would focus on the metaverse from now on.

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Due to various scandals, the name of the company has evoked distrust in people for the past few years. It is said that company officials made such a choice to break this perception.

Regardless of Facebook, the metaverse ecosystem continues to expand. Although it is in its infancy, it receives billions of dollars in investments, and brands are rapidly getting involved in this virtual universe. According to some, the first seeds of our future are being planted, according to others, it is an initiative that will not work.

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Jack Dorsey, one of Twitter’s founders and CEO of the company, has resigned. The information revealed is related to all payments received by Twitch publishers within 3 years, namely broadcasting revenues, all desktop and browser application, all source codes of mobile, desktop and game console applications, SDKs used by Twitch, Amazon Web Services services. codes, Steam rival game library, processor and store Vapour, which Amazon has not even announced yet, and all security tools used by Twitch.

It turned out that the bits used for donations on Twitch were used for money laundering. Thanks to the information that emerged after Twitch was hacked, it was revealed that many small publishers in Turkey and around the world received large amounts of bitcoin donations and laundered money. Some publishers accepted this issue, while others rejected this scandal. As the distrust of the platform increased, the state took action to investigate the issue. Publishers who criticized those involved in the lice scandal were threatened and insulted in live broadcasts.

Yemeksepeti has been hacked twice and user data has been put up for sale. The user data on Yemeksepeti was put up for sale in exchange for Bitcoin. After this incident, Nevzat Aydın, the founder of the company, apologized to the users of the platform and said, “We continue to make all developments so that a similar incident does not happen again.” said. However, months after the scandal and Aydın’s statement, Yemeksepeti was attacked again. The attackers again demanded payment in cryptocurrency in exchange for data.

Yemeksepeti announced in a statement after the incident spread on the internet that the hackers responded negatively to the ransom demand and started the legal process. Explaining that they could not detect any data breach or theft in the systems after the checks, Yemeksepeti officials said they would share the process. Drawings, articles, tweets, photos, the first SMS and more were sold digitally as NFTs for astronomical amounts. For example, Turkish artist Refik Anadol’s digital artwork titled “Machine Hallucinations-Nature Dreams : AI Data Sculpture 2021 1/1” published in Open Sea has been sold for 300,69420 ETH (approximately 1.2 million dollars). Even Cem Yılmaz entered the NFT business with his drawings, selling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

An application that flashed like a straw flame has come and gone: Clubhouse We lived in a Clubhouse era, where iPhone users could only enter by invitation, and the conversation on Twitter was frequent. Clubhouse, a voice chat-based social network that has grown rapidly with the effect of the quarantine period, made a rapid entry into our lives, but despite the Android move, it could not maintain its charm.

Elon Musk has been named “Person of the Year 2021” by TIME and the Financial Times.