Social Media Mob

A social media mob, including many well-known names, has been detained for defrauding social media users for an award-winning game by charging “prize tax”. While 16 of the 18 people were arrested, it was stated in the statements given that they were not aware of the fraud.
An operation was carried out against a fraudulent network using social media channels. Among the 18 suspects referred to the courthouse, there are popular names such as Simge Baranoğlu and Yeşim Aydın.

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Phenomenons who allegedly received money from people under the name of prize tax by giving money prizes through social media campaigns were detained. While 16 people were arrested, 2 people were released.

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İzmir Provincial Police Department Anti-Cybercrime Branch carried out an operation against phenomena that receive money from social media users and define them as taxes, by offering them the possibility of winning prizes. The network, which was investigated upon the report, was giving this award with a game.


They earned much more than the money they gave from these ‘taxes’. Eighteen phenomena, including well-known names such as Simge Baranoğlu, were detained. While 2 people were released from the phenomena, 16 phenomena were arrested.


One of the arrested names and famous for lines such as “Are you afraid of spiders” in 2018, Simge Baranoğlu used the following words in her statement: “I am a social media phenomenon. I earn my living by advertising. This action, which is the subject of the investigation, was like other advertisements. I do not know the parties and the complainants. Their accusations I do not accept”